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Voiceless is an animated videoclip for the first <# song. An attempt on seeking fresh esthetical paths in 3D computer graphics, based on atmosphere and gaining subjective meanings through visual associations. The objects shown in the movie represent different concepts that hold meaning in our lives and to which we commit our attention. Those meanings and that attentions are verified when with time said concepts fade away and dissolve.

Voiceless visited:


AniFilm (CZ), Insomnia (RU), O!PLA (PL), Animafest (PL), Synthetic Mediart (TW), ROMBAK (MY), Cinematika (PL) and ICONA (GR)



"WORM" by Round Lemon (UK), "As Above, So Below"  by The Steamship Project Space (UK) and "On Media. Signals And Connections" by LoosenArt (IT), Metatopia Pavillion as part of The Wrong Biennale

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