I make music. Lots of it.

Currently I have two main projects, Krew and Haunting. The first one is downtempo/hip-hop/ambient oriented, the second more house/techno/idm. Always focused on atmosphere.

Here I'm leaving players from Soundcloud, but you can find all albums on YouTube and Bandcamp (with downloads), and some of them also on Spotify, Tidal and the rest of streaming platforms.

          as Krew:


  • Echa EP (September 2015, self-released)

  • Emwrot EP (September 2016, self-released)

  • III EP (February 2017, self-released)

  • Marzenia (May 2018 via Trzy Szóstki)

  • Fiolet EP (May 2018 via Trzy Szóstki)


  • Zodiak (June 2018, self-released)

  • Bulwary (August 2018, self-released)

  • Collie (October 2018, self-released)

  • Utrata (January 2019 via Trzy Szóstki)

  • Kruki // Wrony (July 2018, self-released)


  • Hurry Up by Kari Amirian

  • Jak Dobrze by Krzysztof Zalewski

  • Who You Are by Kroki

  • Prawie Wszystko by Sonar

  • Uliczne Legendy by Vienio/Kosi JWP

  • Get Out by Chvrches

  • DIVISI EP by A Lot Like Birds

          as Haunting:



  • Haunting EP (December 2015, self-released)

  • Servants Will Serve (February 2018 via Trzy Szóstki)

  • Visit The Violence (OCtober 2019, self-released)


  • Here Comes The End, The Rest Is Near (August 2019, self released)


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