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me gusta

visited festivals (I'm getting lost in the count, but) :

Punto Y Raja, Athens Digital Arts Festival (four times), AniFilm (twice, what have you done to me), Animateka, Insomnia, The Northern Wave, Anca, Flipbook, Animocje, Sopot Film Festival, Kamera Akcja, Short Waves, Shahr International Film Festival, Patchlab, O!PLA (also thrice now), Animafest Gdańsk (thrice), Opolskie Lamy, Solanin, Tashkent International Animation Forum, CineToro, ROMBAK, Synthetic Mediart, Cinematika (twice), Interference, MISE, FUSE, Shorts@Fringe Azores, T-Short (twice), ELO(KUVA)KUU, CINEM'aMOSTr, Festival del Cinema di Cefalù (twice), Pareidolia Video Art Festival, Tuzla Film Festival, Black Cat Awards, Guttercast, Animated Expressions Expo, Panama Series Festival and OFAFA

and also some gallery exhibitions and showcases in UK, USA, Poland, France, Greece and Italy

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