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You know how they say that everything passes? Panta fucking rhei. There is a certain dignity atached to the word "pass", like someone or something is graciously flowing towards something new, something changed.
In my experience things rather tend to suddenly break and end. Or be left alone to rot. That is a significant difference and while acknowledging that it's possible for something to pass with dignity, I refuse to pretend it's a common thing.
Possibly stating the obvious here, I wanted to focus on a themes such as: memory, it's functions and discfunctions, childhood and overriding it with lack-of-childhood and also our media, film tape, digital files and just about everything that allows us to store information, be it a picture, a recording or a written word.

The whole movie was made from, well, two other movies, "Children in the Surf, Coney Island" (1904) and "Arrival of immigrants, Ellis Island" (1906) both shot by Billy Bitzer.

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