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First album released under my own name was „all roads lead to" from April of 2020. This short album came out as part of polish label Nagrania Somnambuliczne.

Second was „The Ocean That Has Been Calling Me", which started as way of enhancing my photographic exhibition in P21 Gallery and ends as a proper, short album. Based on field-recordings taken in Morocco, it blends experimental ambient with beatmaking, thus creating an eclectic material which explores memories and impressions from traveling over Morocco. It complements the visual side of the project, but also grows beyond it, especially with tracks featuring wonderful guests: Imane El Halouat in 'One Day Again' and Kuba Tarkowski in 'I Would Rather Have Devils For Brothers'.

Third was „For Those Who Leave", a collection of six singer/songwriter songs from a harsh times. Basically an Emma Ruth Rundle wannabe.

Fourth installment was an EP „No Way Forward, No Way Back", a collection of noisy ambient experiments about loosing friends and getting tinnitus instead, shortly written during a green, rainy summer with climate catastrophe in a background.

Fifth was „The Death Of Me", a multimedia memento mori project. Reflecting on my own mortality has been radically valuable to me in recent years, and I think it's terribly stupid that our culture still tends to ignore this topic. I recommend not ignoring it.


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