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This is not what I wanted to do.
This is not the movie I tried to make.

I wanted to create a profound meditative work with stunning visuals and beautiful sound. Like that guy who films paint and oil bubbles, or the other one, who filmed wood being cut to thin pieces. So this lines of mine were supposed to be really fascinating, and the sound should be more touching.
This is not a catastrophe, I know. I've put a lot of effort into it, I thought about it once before sleep, then spend a whole evening making it, and than even another one for the song. That's a serious amount of time. And yes, the process holds value, but how can it matter if there's no satisfaction? My meditation turned out to be dystopian, asynchronized and incomplete.

This is a dissapointment, just as everything else.

Do What Thou Wilt was screened at Punto Y Raja 2018 festival.

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