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This is my entry for CineSpace 2016 contest held by NASA and Houston Cinema Arts Society. It's a short story about a group of people trying to do the best thing they can. When we will go to another planet to study it, we will still be studying ourselfs.

This is a found footage movie, which means that apart from additional animations I didn't make any of these shots by myself, I just selected and edited them. I used multiple shots delivered by NASA, those are obviously the ones with the Sun and the Saturn's rings, but also some stars and Earth. The rest comes from public archives. I'm quite sure the only person who wanted a credit is Jeffrey Beach, I used many of his uploads, if you need a quality shot go check him out, he's amazing.
On the opposite side to video, all of the audio is 100% made by me.

Making this movie was basically one big improvisation, especially after realizing how vast public archives are. It was really great to continue my experiments with blending modes, this is a basic tool but I still feel that it holds a great potential.

Kings Of The Suns were screened at Interference Festival 2016 and OFAFA 2016.

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